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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas party peoples!

Nick’s parents sent him 10 pounds of king crab for Christmas, so he and his wife came over last night and we had an awesome crab dinner and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

This was mine and Josh’s first Christmas together since we got married and we decided to stay home and do our own thing. The top 3 gifts that Josh gave me were the bluetooth gloves, the sonic screwdriver universal remote, and a new phone. I am excited to use all of them. This is going to be my first smartphone and I am excited to finally have a phone that won’t randomly shut off, go into emergency mode, not send my texts, or not tell me when people call. One of the gifts I got him was the NVIDIA Shield. A bunch of places had it on sale so I bought him one since he is always going to the website and drooling over it. It was really expensive and I knew that he wouldn’t buy it for himself. 

My husband and I went to dinner with his sister and her husband. I hate going out with them because they are all gamers and all they ever talk about are games. Their favorite game to play is League of Legends. I’ve tried playing with them but I’m not good so I don’t really play because the people that play are very rude to me. 90% of the conversation is about League of Legends, 8% is about other games, and 2% is my brother in law asking why I never talk when we get together. Seriously? He knows exactly why I don’t talk, they all do. I DON’T PLAY THE GAME AND I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT! 


i should be doing some homework right now…just got back from tutoring. i learned more about economics in 10 minutes from my tutor than from my economics teacher in the past 2 months. some teachers really fail at teaching, and that isn’t fair to the students that actually want to learn.

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